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L@L: Martin Cothran (2011)

Listen in to this exciting episode from our L@L archives as Leigh Bortins interviews Martin Cothran! Martin is the author of Traditional Logic, Books I and II, as well as Classical Rhetoric with Aristotle, both published by Memoria Press. He is also Latin, logic and rhetoric instructor at Highlands Latin School in Louisville, Kentucky and is Master Teacher at Mars Hill, Lexington. In addition to being editor-in-chief of Classical Teacher magazine, he serves as senior policy analyst for The Family Foundation of Kentucky, where he directs legislative and media relations and is a frequent guest on political and cultural issues on radio and television in his home state of Kentucky. He holds a B.A. in economics and philosohpy from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and an M.A. degree in Christian Apologetics from the Simon Greenleaf School (now part of Trinity University. He lives with his wife and four children in Danville, Kentucky.

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