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The Practicalities of Practicum, Part 1

Why go to Practicum?  Will you really learn anything “practical”?  Listen as Lisa and Jill Philbrick answer this question and give you some enticing reasons to register for the 2024 Practicum.  You’ll be encouraged by Jill’s…

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Assessing the Year by Celebrating the Student

Have you struggled with end of the year assessments in the past, wondering what good they do and how to go about them?  Have you wondered what assessment and celebration have in common??  Listen in as Lisa and guest Jill Philbrick discuss…

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Celebrating Milestones the Classical Way

As we enter this season of finishing and ending (Faces of History, Mock Trial, Graduation!) your family is likely looking for ways to celebrate the accomplishments of the year.  This week, guest Kelli Wilt and host Lisa Bailey encourage you to…

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The Power of a Map, with Leigh Bortins

You may have heard about The Math Map, but do you “get it”?  Do you know what’s so different, why you should use it, and how it could change math experiences for your family?  If you’d like to find these answers and more, listen to…

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The Home Stretch Should Stretch You!

For families living the last days of their homeschool journey, and families contemplating moving on before finishing that last challenge, this one’s for you!  Listen in as Brittany Lewis, long-time Challenge director and lover of students,…

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Mock Trial-What’s the Big Deal?

Some families love it, some worry about it…Mock Trial is always discussion worthy!  How can parents help their students make the most of the Mock Trial experience?  What can parents do to help?  Listen in as Stephanie Meter, long-time…

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