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Why Practicum? Why Me?

What’s the big deal about Practicum?  What’s it all about?  How will it help me and my family?  If you’re wondering about Practicum, and trying to decide whether to go, and what you’ll find once you get there, this week’s…

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The Point of Protocol

What’s “Protocol” all about?  Is it just about good manners and fancy outings?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!  Listen as guest Sarah Davis breaks it down for us, sharing how Protocol is actually about honor, mercy, grace, and loving your…

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Mock Trial, The Great Synthesizer

What do you wish you knew about Challenge B?  About Challenge B students?  About Mock Trial?  This week’s guest offers a wealth of insight from a lifetime of experience!  Join host Lisa Bailey as she talks to Stephanie Meter…

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What is a NATIONAL Memory Master?

Have you ever thought, “What’s the big deal about memorizing anyway?”  This episode of the Everyday Educator Podcast will shed some light on this question!  Listen in as Kelli Wilt and Olivia Walsh share how memory is something to be…

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Family Learning: Science Fair for Everyone

Are you looking for ways to extend your family learning?  Want some practical ways to integrate what all your students are studying?  Listen in as Lisa talks this week to Angela Oxford (mom, Challenge director, Training and Support leader) ;…

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Celebrating the Excellence of Education

At Classical Conversations we’re always looking for ways to know God; is your community looking for a way “to make Him known”?  Join Lisa Bailey and guest Julie Melendez as they share how Excellence in Education events provide just such an…

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EE Hey, I LOVE Practicum!

What’s the big deal about Practicum?  Find out this week on the Everyday Educator Podcast as host Lisa Bailey and guest Jill Philbrick explore what Practicum is, who should come, what attendees should expect, and how to get the most out of…

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EE A Window Into Challenge

Families, are you up for a Challenge?  Many parents and students wrestle with the idea of homeschooling through high school, wondering if they are up to it, wondering if it is a good fit for their family, wondering if the Challenge years really…

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