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Practical Tips

We’re All in This Together

“The best part of community is_______.”   How would you fill in that blank?  (Is it the accountability?  The comradery?  The encouragement?). For many CC families, community is what keeps us moving forward!  Listen in…

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Are We Done Yet?

Springtime brings flowers, birds, and …eagerness to be DONE with school!  Are students in your family having a hard time staying focused?  Listen in as Kathy Donegia joins Lisa to talk about how the partnership between student, parent, and…

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Putting It All Together

What’s the big deal about Rhetorical events?  How important are they?  How can I help my student do something I’ve never done??  If thoughts like this have ever crossed your mind, here is a podcast for you!  Join host Lisa…

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Now That Foundations Has Ended…

Community days are ending for the year….but that doesn’t mean the learning is done!  Join veteran homeschool mom Denise McLain for some tips on how to keep the family learning together!  Denise and Lisa share some ideas for learning some…

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CC and Missions

Have you ever questioned the usefulness of our classical tools outside of academic pursuits?  How, for instance, could they help a plumber, or a missionary, or an army captain?  Answer:  they prepare us for LIFE!  Listen in as…

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Shepherding Their Hearts

Why did God give your children to you?  What does He want you to tell them?  Show them?  Do alongside them?  At Classical Conversations, we believe God trusts parents with their children!  Charity Brown and her husband believe…

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Making Memories

What are your most memorable homeschooling moments?  What do you want your children to remember about your home and the learning you do together?  Join Lisa today as she talks to Chelly Barnard about the best ways to cultivate the memories…

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