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What Teaching Children Teaches Me

Homeschooling parents:  you homeschool to give your children a most excellent education, right?  But what does teaching children—your own and others—teach YOU?  Listen as guest Cynthia Knotts, veteran CC mom and tutor, shares the…

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Faces of History: A Good Time for All

Have you started your Faces of History project yet?  Are you excited?  Worried?  Confused?  Listen in as today’s guest, Courtney Bradshaw, gives a great synopsis of this project.  You’ll discover the why, the how, and the…

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Jazzing Up January

Are the doldrums of January getting you down?  Jazz up January by instituting a “January Term” in your homeschool!  Listen in this week as Lisa and guest Amy Jones talk about the refreshment that comes when you take a week or two to…

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The Power of Small Habits

Could it really be THAT easy?  Is the key to success…small habits?  Listen in this week as veteran homeschoolers Lisa Bailey and Kelli Wilt ponder the power of routine to activate productivity and achieve success.  What small habits…

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Ready, RE-SET, Go!

The holidays—thrilling, frantic, moving, and full—have come and gone…and maybe they’ve left you strangely unmotivated to begin the school routine again.  What’s up with that, and how do we all keep going?  Listen in as Lisa and…

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Simplifying Advent: Serve Together

The final installment of the Simplify Advent series shares some easy ways to serve as a family; listen in as Jamie Hays and Lisa reminisce about serving opportunities when they were children and as they give some inspired suggestions for serving as a…

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Simplify Advent: Explore Together

Looking for some fresh ideas for celebrating in simply ways this Advent season?  Amy Jones and Lisa discuss how to explore together as a family, chasing your child’s curiosity and finding deeper meaning in the Christmas story.  You’ll…

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Simply Advent: Read Together

This week’s Simplify Advent podcast centers around reading together.  Listen as veteran homeschool dad and ardent reader Tim Knotts shares some great ideas for Advent family reading.  Tim and Lisa offer some great hows and whys of family…

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